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Dance in your Shadow & Shine in your Light

Leanne from LunaSoul an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader, Theta Counsellor, Reiki practitioner and provides Shamanic Space Clearing.

about me 

I have done a lot of inner work and personal development and believe we never stop learning about ourselves, others and how the world responds.

I'm always reading energy around me and listening to guidance from spirit.

As the song says 'all we need is love' and the world is always giving us new ways to show it. It's in all of us and the best place to start is to focus the love in your heart toward yourself and then share it with others. 

If you’re lost you can always find directions to where you're going, it's the same with life - but first look around and enjoy where you are.

Machu Picchu



Tarot Reading

An intuitive reading with my favourite medium the Tarot. My hope and intention with every reading is to offer you insights on your current situation. As the suits of the Tarot are interwoven with the elements and our emotions they often bring to light what you are most needing to see and hear. With the Tarot images and your energy as my guide I share a different perspective and invite you to think about the choices for your highest and best good. 


60 mins - $120

45 mins - $80

30 mins - $60

Space / House Clearing

Our homes and the spaces we spend time in are sacred. Often energies can get stagnant, become dense and absorb negativity.

The ritual practice of smudging uses all the elements and ingredients from nature like Juniper, Sage & Palo Santo.

Smudging clears and balances the energies in a space bringing a fresh more positive vibe for you and your loved ones. 

This is a great thing to do when moving into a new home, starting something new or just a refresh. 

 Clearing prices can vary depending on the space so please email to enquire.  Distance clearing is also available.



Leanne has a very special gift, she is able to connect with spirit and is a receiver to pass through messages and guidance. She is the real deal! My favourite thing about Leanne’s reading is when her eyes rise slightly in acknowledgement to the message she is receiving and she smiles as if to say ‘I get it’, you see the connection. I have been to other readers and the difference with Leanne is the experience. She takes time to clear the energy, to create the space and acknowledge this sacred time. It makes me feel comfortable, special and that you are about to have a genuine experience. I come away from Leanne’s readings with presence, clarity and awe. I would recommend Leanne’s readings, she has a truly remarkable gift and it is an experience you wouldn’t want to pass by. 🙏💚😘

March 2021

My reading/session with Leanne was so detailed, spot on and illuminating! One of Leanne's numerous gifts is her ability to channel and bring forth messages with purpose, precision, and clarity. She offered a different yet complete perspective of things that I had not thought of before, and it resonated deeply. Leanne helped me to see the entire picture and connect all the moving parts into one frame. I left my reading feeling uplifted and confident about my present situation and what the future holds. I enjoyed my reading so much, I am already looking into booking my next session! I highly reccomend getting a reading/session with Leanne, she's the real deal and such a beacon of light! 

Sept 2019

Leanne is a breath of fresh air.  Her reading was positive and optimistic. Sometimes we can get tangled in our own thoughts. Leanne's reading helped bring insight and understanding.

Thank you xo 



August 2021

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