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My Story

I've always had a fascination and been drawn to spirit. Whether it was fairies, witches, crystals, angels, tarot, animals or shamans - I have wanted and needed to have a connection beyond the physical world.


My spiritual discovery was initially for self development - although I knew and hoped one day I could support others. But first I really wanted answers to all my questions. For a long time I looked for these answers and truly believed I could find them in books, through teachers, at seminars and workshops.

I didn't get my answers  - but I did learn that each of us has all we need within ourselves - we just need to open up to that part of us that's ready to receive, hear, feel, see and love the message. That's when the magic happens. 

In today's world it's common to become closed off to your inner knowing and seek counsel outside oneself. My work / passion is to support clients to tune into and listen to their intuition. It’s not always easy to walk your path and often not clear, but it only takes a little someone or something to hold up a light and then you can proceed to make your every desire come true.


Sharing messages from spirit, the wisdom of the tarot, energy of reiki, the power of intuition and inner knowing, as well as the connection to source through ThetaHealing® to shape values and beliefs. I use all of these modalities to shine the light of your path and share tools to support you on your way all the while loving where you are in this moment.

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My Experience  

Intuitive Tarot Reader 

ThetaHealingˇ DNA 1

ThetaHealingˇ DNA  2 Advanced

Reiki Master 3 Practitioner

ThetaHealing Soul Mates 

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