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To Single or to Settle?

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

To single or to settle? ...are these my only options?

By way of introduction, I'm a 39 year old woman who started this blog on a recommendation from a friend. Apparently my life experiences, my disastrous love life, numerous careers and my unique way of seeing the world and the people in it, coupled with my story telling abilities, are the perfect recipe for a blog.

I'm new to all this so go easy on me!

As I said I'm 39, and I'm single! Don't worry I'm not about launch into defence mode about my single status. The simple explanation is… I've been busy. I've travelled extensively, had a lot of jobs, kissed a few frogs and I've been trying to understand who I am and my place in this world before I drag some poor unsuspecting guy on this the wild ride with me.

Besides, I am one of those girls...yes I believe in True Love.

There… I said it, it's out there now and I won't take it back! I see examples of it everywhere, everyday and I won't give up on the hope that it exists for me. My man of dreams (or MOD as I like to call him) is out there I just know it. This optimism is most likely the result of attending way too many weddings (I've been a bridesmaid 7 times), not to mention my DVD collection which consists primarily of romantic comedies - thank goodness for Game of Thrones it's the Ying to my your prince will come Yang!

However, the relentless chorus of questions as to why I'm single, accompanied with the beating of my biological clock ticking so loud I can dance to it does sometimes, shake my MOD optimism. If I'm honest, being single isn't always as easy as it make it look. No matter how happy, confident and content I am, the world around me reminds me all too often of my social status and consciously or not, urges me to take action to turn this single into a double.

So What is a girl to do? Believe me, it’s a question I’ve asked many times. You’ll be happy to know I've heard all your suggestions and continue to try them, and more, including but not limited to: internet dating, speed dating, set ups, blind dates, drunken dance floors pashes, friends of friends, pubs, bars and sporting events. All with varying levels of effectiveness to scratch that single itch and find my MOD. If you’ll indulge me in future blog posts, I’ll share some of the most entertaining stories from this journey.

So for the minute at least it's just me and that's totally OK. There is a lot to be said for complete ownership of the remote, eating whatever I want for dinner, no one counting the glasses of wine I drink and a whole wardrobe to myself. I'm very grateful for all I have now and excited for what comes next, whatever that may be.

So to answer the question posed in the title… I’m single and settling for a comfortable life with love that comes from very many sources. When MOD comes along, he'll be lucky enough to share all that.

With love from one beautiful person to another

L x

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